About Us

Priti International Ltd is a leading Indian furniture brand with contemporary designs and a diverse range from natural to premium styles. Collaborating with renowned Indian designers, the brand caters to both retail and project-based markets, offering exclusive, high-quality furniture collections for homes and businesses.

PritiHome’s Family

We believe our workers are the ones who have helped us achieve everything that we have today. They are the ones delivering the quality products that make us the customers favored choice. We value our workers and have provided them with the best working facilities and conveniences. We are committed to our workers, vendors, and preserving the environment.

Our Journey

Priti International Ltd: The Indian Edge

Something similar happened with us in 2005. Priti International Ltd (PIL) was established with a handful of employees and a single factory in Jodhpur – Our first step on the journey to success. Our commitment to high-quality standards enabled us to stay focused on our progressive path. Our vision enabled us to deliver perfection with each order and helped us to learn and improve ourselves with each product we delivered. Buyers from the US, EU & Australia appreciated our work, and repeat orders poured in. It didn’t take us long to realize that we had grown into a company with 80 employees & another 100+ skilled Artisans.
PIL has rightfully earned a favorable reputation for high-quality designs and products in both domestic and international markets. Customers recognize Priti as a name they can trust. Our products are currently exported to the USA, Spain, Holland, Turkey, China, and many other destinations. For us, the journey has been fabulous and we plan to continue on it. They are learning and evolving with each step we take.

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